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The company

We are providing international standard quality products backed by excellent service

Who we are

Smart Technology Systems (Pvt.) Limited, established in 2010, is an engineering services, consultancy and trading company in the areas of:

  • Energy
  • Health care

Smart Technology Systems (STS) has been started by engineers with lot of industry and business management experience, in and outside Pakistan. The engineering and business management experience of its key personnel is the principal reason why from day one STS developed the philosophy that customers will be provided solutions, and not just products, that are based on the analysis of customers’ needs. The solution provided by STS are based on international standard quality products backed by excellent service. Since the very beginning STS is making sure that it deals with only those suppliers and principals whose products are not only economical but of international standard so that its customers are satisfied for the long term.

Managers discussing business activity

Our business activities

STS’ diversified business activities cover the following areas in its chosen fields of energy and healthcare: